Grand Ballroom Dance Studio
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Have Questions? We'll Give You Answers at the Grand Ballroom in Midland Park, NJ


What should I wear for my dance lesson?

Everyday attire is appropriate for dancing. A lightweight dress shoe is best if you do not have ballroom dance shoes (you can buy your dance shoes here at Grand Ballroom.) Please do not wear sneakers, rubber-soled shoes or metal spike-heel shoes.

How much can I learn in 5 lessons?

You'll get the basics down in 3-5 dances. We show you how to interrelate similar patterns in multiple dances. This helps you reinforce one particular dance because you've adapted that same step in another dance. Imagine yourself not having to sit out another dance!

Will I be taking lessons with people of my own age?

Most likely. Grand Ballroom students range in age from 13 (a few teens attend our Swing Groups Lessons) to 82 years young! The majority of our students are between 35 and 55 and attend lessons twice a week.

Do I need to have a partner to take lessons?

No, not at all. You will take your private lessons with an instructor and your group lessons with the entire group. Many of our couples take their lessons separately, each with his or her own instructor. Others learn together with one instructor.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes, we do. There are 5 choices that should fit your gift-giving plans:
Dance Sampler:
  • 1 private lesson
  • 1 group Lesson
  • 1 party. $125/single
  • $140/couple
Social Basics Class:
  • 5 weeks of group class.
  • $85/single
  • $170/couple
Dance Time Plus:
  • 5 groups
  • 1 private (45 minutes each)
  • 1 party. $180/single
  • $285/couple
Basic Dance Course:
  • 6, 45-minute lessons (5 private and 1 free group)
  • $425/single or couple
“Latin Club” Dance Course:
  • 5 private lessons
  • $425/single or couple