Grand Ballroom Dance Studio
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Our Dance System in Midland Park, NJ


Private Dance Lessons in New Jersey

Your professional instructor personalizes the development of your lead/follow along with solid techniques at your rate of learning. Feel the graceful movement as you glide across the floor or the earthy Latin styling when you dance with your personal, accomplished instructor.

Group Class Lessons

Your group class instructor has prepared a few step patterns in the dance of the day. Taught at the average learning rate of the students present, group class is a time of repetition that solidifies step patterns and increases both balance and technique skills.
Private and group class lessons are 45 minutes of dancing with a few minutes to keep a written record of material covered and progress made.
Grand Ballroom offers programs for the newcomer social level through the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Standards, as well as exhibition and competition programs.

Special Event Saturday Dance Socials

Each month we're planning something special. Dress up and let yourself go. Dance with different partners and make new friends through the wonderful world of ballroom dancing. Open to the public. Great music & refreshments, too